A block schedule is shown at the bottom of this page.

We will begin with an introduction to the workshop and a town hall designed to let members discuss what they hope to get out of the workshop and to ensure that we have a productive and rewarding set of discussions for all.

There will be three plenary talks, that will be designed to set the scene for the discussions: what are our current and near future capabilities in simulations of galaxy formation, in Galactic observations, and in extragalactic observations? Obviously these cannot be comprehensive but they will hopefully be a spur and guide to thought!

The bulk of the time will be in parallel discussions led by a set of discussion leaders. We have also tried to keep a good amount of break time and free time, to allow participants to have unstructured conversations.

Detailed information about the discussion groups is being sent by email to participants, but their basic nature is as follows:

We have also scheduled "working time" during which the parallel break out rooms are available, for less formal discussions and individual meetings between participants.

We are asking all participants to abide by the APS Code of Conduct.